We offer 2 simple ways for you to join the program:

Option #1:

First option is for those who will like to be part of the Spousewell singles' prayer community.

A few months ago we set up this semi-social network-like site for Christian singles who are really interested in praying to find their godly spouse. And eventually getting married.

Sooner. Rather than later.

These are believers who want to avoid falling for counterfeits... who will later ditch them for someone else.

Note: The site is NOT for people who are already married.

On the site, the prayers are divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1
            The first phase is a 21-day prayer. This phase is open to all who sign up either for a FREE or PREMIUM membership on the site www.spousewell.com. We used a tiny fraction of these prayers years ago and the results were posted on our websites for all to see.

Phases 2 / 3
           Weekly prayer begins. Once a PREMIUM member finds an interested partner, or receives/gives a marriage proposal, we move the two into a secure, confidential webpage where you are given specific prayers to help you determine whether the person is really God's will for your life.

This is a most crucial step on the journey to your marital destiny.

For the first time, I share the prayers/scriptures that I personally used when I wanted to get married (in Phase 3 of the program).

This sort of prayers MUST be used only under close supervision, and so our Prayer Advisors are on hand to give guidance through that delicate period. Within a 3-day window we tell you the meaning of what you see in your dreams.

And what to do about dream attacks.

It is because I cannot do this to a whole lot of people that we're restricting this to ONLY those who have made it to Phase 3 - the confidential partners' page.

This the nugget of the coaching program on this site … a major highlight of this one-of-a-kind  Singles-Only prayer community.

To select this option...

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Option #2:

For those who are not comfortable joining the Spousewell site (i.e. they do not want their photograph and other personal information on any website at all - we understand) there is yet a second option.

This is OPTION #2.

It is specially for those who love our result-getting prayers. They still wish to pray through our sequence of prayers, without having to join the singles site described in Option #1.

If you are not comfortable with a dating-style site that is Option #1, where you have to post your photograph, plus other personal information…

… then this one is for you.

Once you sign up to the program, all you need to do is fill out a simple form with your email address and first name … and we’ll do the rest.

First we’ll send you 4 of our prayer eagles' manuals, to get you immersed in biblical principles that form the bedrock of all our prayers.

After that, every week for 10 weeks you will receive 1 lesson per week. The lesson manual will explain in great detail the prayers you are about to pray for the week, why you are praying them, and (this is crucial) how to pray them effectively for fastest possible results.

If you are more comfortable with this option...

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